About Anna

Growing up in the United States, I was actively involved in dance, cheerleading and gymnastics from an early age. While attending university in Texas, I continued my passion for dance and fitness by choreographing and teaching cardio-dance classes. After years of working on the computer, I was diagnosed with a debilitating repetitive strain injury which led to two major surgeries.  I was beyond devestated and had a long road to recovery. During my rehabilitation, I was introduced to Vinyasa-Flow Yoga.  Experiencing the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of Yoga inspired me to want to share my passion with others. After relocating to Perth, Australia, I pursued a teaching certification and was certified as a Hatha-Ashtanga-Vinyasa style yoga teacher. I teach Hatha and Ashtanga-Vinyasa style yoga, Pranayama (breathing techniques), and meditation to all ages and fitness levels. As CEO of Strike A Pose Yoga, I aim to advance the company's mission of sharing the benefits of yoga and promoting health and wellness. I serve as an Ambassador for the Africa Yoga Project who's programs work towards educating, empowering and employing youth and communities in Africa through the transformative power of yoga.

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